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Par Amigo (Peer Mentor) Training Program

Accreditation Support Initiative

Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions



The Par Amigo Training Program is designed to assist individuals with a wide range of accreditation experience to be certified and registered as LACCEI pares amigos. It is designed to train individuals in the fundamentals of accreditation so they can assist engineering programs to select the most appropriate internationally recognized accreditation system for themselves, organize information in the format required by the accrediting agency, and complete the required self-study. Individuals who participate in the Par Amigo Training Program are encouraged to become evaluators for accrediting agencies of their choice (GCREAS- ABET based and ACCAI- CEAB based). This latter effort is not part of the LACCEI accreditation initiatives but a highly desired outcome. Evaluators for accrediting agencies may participate in the Par Amigo Program as experts on the specific agency for which they serve as evaluators. These individuals would not be required to complete the Par Amigo Training Program. The extent of the required training is the judgment of the LACCEI Accreditation Initiatives Committee. In addition to expertise in accreditation, pares amigos must be sensitive to and familiar with the culture of the engineering programs with which they interact. The Par Amigo Initiative description is available at\accreditation\par-amigo.

The Par Amigo Training Program consists of three modules. Module A is completed on-line prior to attending the training workshop (Module B). This second module is delivered in collaboration with accrediting agencies at the LACCEI Annual Meeting or other LACCEI events. Module C includes observation of an accreditation visit. All Par Amigo Program participants are encouraged to complete all three modules or equivalent modules offered by accrediting agencies. Module C is not required but pares amigos are strongly encouraged to participate. Individuals can submit their credentials to the LACCEI Accreditation Initiatives Committee for listing in the Par Amigo Registry as described in the Par Amigo Initiative description. The registry is updated regularly.



Par Amigo Training Modules

Module A:

This module should be completed on-line prior to attending the training program at the LACCEI Annual Meeting or other LACCEI event (Module B).  For participants who are well versed in accreditation, portions of this module can be waived.

  • Accreditation fundamentals
  • Relationship between engineering program and accrediting agency
  • Cultural aspects of accreditation
  • Competencies for Pares Amigos
  • Self-study fundamentals
  • Accreditation visit

Module B:

This is a two-day training program focusing on key elements of accreditation processes and visits.  It concentrates on areas of most benefit to engineering programs seeking accreditation.  This module will be conducted in collaboration with an accrediting agency.

Day 1

  • Details of self-study fundamentals and requirements
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Reporting requirements
  • What evaluators look for
  • Common pitfalls

Day 2

  • Application of judgment
  • Institutional requirements
  • Institutional and program materials
  • Format and organization

Individuals who have attended the Canadian, ACCAI or GCREAS evaluator training, the ABET PEV training or equivalent accrediting agency evaluator training have satisfied this requirement and would not be required to complete Module B.

Module C:

This module consists of observing an evaluation visit.  This is strongly encouraged but is not required for certification and registration as a par amigo.